Today was the oatlympics which happens every 4 years. Unfortunately this will be the last oatlympics the grade fours will ever have but we had a great time. Our country was Jamaica so we had to dress in green, black and yellow. Mr. Watson and Donna painted our faces. In this picture you can see our class and our face paint and outfits.


Last week on Wednesday we went to the athletics day. I competed in hurdles and discuss. In hurdles I came 2nd and in discuss I wasn’t placed, unfortunately with a shocking score of 4 metres😔. Here is a picture of me crossing the line at the end.


It was the Aths day last Wednesday. I was lucky enough to be invited and I got to see all our wonderful students participate and cheer each other on. Josh went in three events and he came 1st in hurdles, 2nd in 100m and 1st in 200m. Here’s a photo of Josh crossing the finish line.

Heres a glimpse at 4PW working on the perimeter of irregular shapes!

Hi all,
When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, they often reply with standard responses such as: “teacher” or “lawyer”.. Perhaps because they have no idea that when they grow up the career options are limitless. So, as the year progresses I’m showing the kids all of the cool jobs that exist in today’s world and I started this today.

This is Krissy, she’s a top notch Intensive Care nurse who has been kind enough to give up some of her time today to come and talk to 4PW. The kids got to hear about a day in the shoes of a nurse and all the cool and gross stuff that comes along with the job. They tried on a neck brace and had a shot at using a stethoscope and the kids asked some pretty great questions. Krissy had some awesome stories to share and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Thanks so much for coming out to Oatlands, Krissy!

Parents, if you know anyone with an odd or unusual career who would like to talk to the kids then give me a heads up!