Friday the 5th of August!!!

Friday was so much fun! My class#4PW dressed up as Jamakia! Witch is green yellow and black those are the colors.

I think the parade was held really well done and all the teachers looked amazing so did the students ecpecully ME!!😂

All the classes made flags and they were cool and fun to make after the ceremony we all did activities and they were really fun every grade did something different! Grade 4 activities and they were fun and all of us learnt something new.Altogether it was a really good day!



I was in athletics ,Miss gamble help organise it for us .we all had a lot of fun I was in 3 activates I came 1st in 100 2st in hurdles and also 1st in 200. I’m in district for hurdles and relay it is on the 18th August .


The day of the oatlimpics was very fun.4PW’s Country was Jamaica I saw my baby brother and we sat together for a long time eventually he fell tired and he had to leave.It was a bit sad but I still had a big day ahead of me.What was your favourite thing mine was doing the fun activitys.


  • On Wednesday the 3rd of August it was the Athletics day.I was lucky to paticipate in this awesome event.There were lots of events like hurdles,100m sprint,200m sprint,discus,long jump,triple jump and high jump. Here is a photo of somebody crossing the finish line


Friday the 5th of August 2016 I participated in the oatlympics.The oatlympics is like the olmpics.We have a country to be and my country was Jamaica.Mr Watson and Donna painted our faces and we made some flags.It was a great day.Thank you Mrs gamble and Mrs James as well as Mrs Ellis for organising it.


On oatlympics mr Watson painted are face in green black and yellow I loved that day so much I wouldn’t stop talking about it to my parents I annoyed my Sisters and my Parents I loved it so much!


Here’s a picture of Sharni almost crossing the finish line,It was a blast everyone tried thier best in everything they did .Also some people went to district. Sharni actually came 1st in hurdles.Good job peeps 👍🏻.

Athletics day 

I didn’t came first second or there’d but l recon everyone put in 110% in everything l did discuss,long jump and 200 m sprint l was really happy if l came last or not l’m just happy l gave it a try at least it wasn’t raining as much as last time we went it was poring down rain here’s a photo of Jamie