On the 3rd Of Augest the whole class 4PW except for one,particapated  in the Atheltics in Casey Feilds.The 3 activities that I chose to do were: Hurdles, 100 Run and High Jump.In Hurdles I came 4th place, In 100 Run I came 2nd Place and In High Jump we didn’t do that because it was cancelled and that’s because it was too wet and raining.When I participated in the 100 Run I fell down so I lifted myself up I ran as fast as I can and I came 2nd place,So then I was VERY impressed of myself for the risk.

As you can see in the picture I am cheering for my class mate Samara Perryman while she was running.Spot me in the photo if you can’t find me.From Danika/#Dan